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金泽文子|360办公家具"This..." Li Hun looked at XiongKuoHai, for a moment."General, I'll get rid of them!" Xing Daorong got up, ready to go out again, but was stopped by guan yu.Are you finally coming out?

Less than half a month of time, on the mediocre, the two counties of the new city all accept, was then sent from changan military forces to take over, two people are in trim two days later, began to move to nanyang, ready to work with pound, together to break the nanyang.Now that the north has completely entered the winter climate, The temperature dropped, The South is better off, But in the north, most people have already received a living, live a wife and children hot kang life, in the era of lack of entertainment, especially in the cold winter season, there is really not much to do, even if it is lively changan and now luoyang, in this season will also become a lot of cold, but today is clearly an exception.Tardif weapons don't bear, pike waving up although the same majesty without a horse, but not as fierce as ji, and guan yu side, yesterday's world war I right arm off, left arm arrow wounds not healed, also can't give full play, for a while, unexpectedly fought a tie with tardif.金泽文子|"That 's all right. It' s just that Guan Yu is brave, and Tzu-yi has to be careful." He qi worry, guan yu's name of bravery, it is a victory accumulated, only rely on tardif, he qi can't help but worry.

金泽文子|Ma smiled and said: "The general rest assured that the families have agreed to this matter, tonight is general lee and general xie yun responsible for guarding the city, after we will be square, wang yuan won, then led troops into the city, the general when control of the four doors, in case the lyu3 zheng escaped."The one hundred and fourth chapter chengdu undercurrent (I)Xing Daorong just came back to reinstate, then heard the outside cry, his face is not difficult to look, and look at guan yu, a red face seems to have no change, but if you look carefully, you will find that guan yu's face is much more ruddy than usual.

Chapter one hundred and eight so-called geniusThis person is the liu bei let Ma Liang invite five streams pretty prince sha mo ke, hand a iron thistle bone weight up to one hundred jin, valiant exception, at the moment see wei unexpectedly take the initiative to kill, not big, abandon the small soldiers directly, to meet wei.Ma Su and a family leader, With a group of families gathered in the family home, quickly ran to li hun camp, things surprised him, now, must control the ten thousand defenders in the city as soon as possible, not too much, as long as control of chengdu for a month, I'm afraid the frontline supplies will run out, then, pang tong is able to have all day, then is also powerless.金泽文子|





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